Below is concept art for a personal animated film project, inspired by David Bowie's 1. Outside album, where we dive into a world where the boundaries between art, crime, and reality become indistinguishable. By developing intricate characters and immersive settings, this animation seeks to examine themes of truth, deception, and human nature. The project merges elements of film noir, mystery, and psychological thrillers to forge a distinctive atmosphere that encourages viewers to question their own understanding of reality. The objective of this project is to provide a captivating and thought-provoking experience, while celebrating the creative genius of David Bowie.
Nathan Alder: A former detective with a troubled past, Nathan Alder now works as a private investigator for Art-Crime Inc., determined to uncover the truth hidden within the shadowy world of art crime.
Baby Grace Blue: A creative and ambitious 14-year-old, Grace's curious nature and close bond with her older brother Leon are tragically cut short by her untimely death.​​​​​​​
Leon Blank: A 22-year-old artist devoted to his younger sister Grace, Leon navigates the complexities of life in the mysterious Oxfordtown as he seeks answers to her tragic murder.
Ramona A. Stone: A refined and enigmatic art dealer, Ramona A. Stone thrives in Oxfordtown's underground art scene, her true intentions remaining elusive as she navigates a world of beauty and darkness.
Paddy: The resourceful owner of the Laugh Hotel, Paddy's involvement in Oxfordtown's criminal underworld makes him a vital source of information for those willing to pay the price.
Algeria Touchshriek: A lonely, elderly art dealer with a deep love for art, Algeria Touchshriek's connections within the underground art scene reveal the intricate web of relationships that define the darker side of Oxfordtown.
The Minotaur: A cryptic figure in the world of art crime, the Minotaur's twisted passion for art leads to a series of chilling events that will leave a lasting impact on the people of Oxfordtown.
NYC Mega City viewed from Oxfordtown
Oxfordtown Street
On the streets of Oxfordtown
Museum of Modern Parts

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